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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Siemens liftMatic

Siemens have yet again come up with something completely different. This time it's a wall- mounted oven with a built in lift aptly named the liftMatic. Now it may sound like a Wallace and Gromit kind of invention, but Siemens claims that you get perfect cooking results due to no surrounding walls getting in your way.

You just place your food onto the descended lift, press a button and the lift ascends into the oven cavity. It really is something else entirely. Very innovative. Well done Siemens.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Siemens Celebrates GB Rowing Success

Siemens is the high performance partner of the Great Britain rowing team and has been their sponsor since 2006. This year at the Beijing olympics, the team achieved the best result that they have had for 100 years!

The team won a total of six medals, including two gold, two silver and two bronze. The team emerged from the Olympics this year as the most successful rowing team in Beijing. 

This week, we are in the middle of Stroke for Stroke Week, which is organised by Siemens and involves a 10km row to raise money for The Stroke Association, which researches into the UK's 3rd biggest killer.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Siemens Offer Free 5 Year Guarantee on Selected Kitchen Appliances

Siemens offer free 5 year guarantee
In the UK from 1st February 2008 to 30th April 2008, Siemens are offering customers the chance to benefit from 5 years warranty on selected kitchen appliances. The offer extends to washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridges and freezers. See below for the models currently featuring under this new offer.
To claim the 5 year guarantee, buyers should complete the claim form via the website or leaflet from the dealer.
Restricted to the following models only:
Washing Machines:
WXLM148AUK, WXL148AUK, WM12E468GB, WM14E141GB, WM14S392GB, WM16S392GB, WM14S493GB, WM16S493GB, WM14S794GB, WM16S794GB,
Tumble Dryers:
WT34V397GB, WT46E388GB, WT46E387GB, WT46S599GB, WT46S59BGB, WT46S598GB.
SE25T850GB, SE25M275GB, SE25M276GB, SE24M851GB, SE26T251GB, SE25M851GB, SE25M575GB, SE26T252GB, SE26T652GB, SE26T852GB,
SE26T590GB, SE26T551GB, SF24T258GB, SF24T558GB, SF25M250GB, SF25T552GB, SF25T054GB.
KS38R495GB, KS38RA90GB, KG36P320GB, KG39MT90, KG30U694GB, KG33NA90GB, KG32U193GB, KG34NA90GB, KG34NX90GB, KG36U194GB, KG39NA90GB, KG44U195GB, KG49NA90GB, KG34UM90GB, KS40U690GB, KD40NA90GB.
Siemens appliances are carefully created to the exacting standard that customers require. Siemens draws on many years of manufacturing experience and their relationship with customers to design machines that meet customers needs. Extensive research and testing of every part brings a level of reassurance that will last for many years. Siemens have over a century of experience in bringing reliable, cleverly designed and quietly efficient products. All Siemens products are developed only after extensive research and testing.
Siemens Appliances are part of the BSH group of companies, which includes Neff and Bosch. The Siemens brand has always offered superior quality. The build quality is reflected in their two years parts & labour warranty (subject to registration).
Siemens have a great reputation for quality, they look good and perform too. All Siemens products are designed with the same ethos to create a partnership between technology and style that is greater than the sum of its parts. When you buy a Siemens appliance, whether it is a single replacement, or a range of items for a whole new look, you are getting more than just a new machine, you are getting more than 160 years of experience.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Siemens Appliances

I have a Siemens built in coffee machine and and I use it every day. Everyone comments on how fantastic it looks, and I am considering more Siemens appliances in my next kitchen.

Please contact me with any comments you have on these products. I will be posting more blog on Siemens shortly.